Feature Journey: Jeromie Heath 2014
Jeromie Heath, Kent, General, Grade 5th Grade, 2014
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  • Author: Jeromie Heath
  • School: Kent,
  • Subject: General
  • Grade: 5th Grade
  • Trip Year: 2014
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I’m Jeromie Heath and I am extremely elated to participate in the CE tour of Greater China. I am a National Board Certified Teacher currently teaching 5th grade in Kent, WA. I have taught grades 1-5 and am in my 10th year teaching. I have a passion for making learning exciting and engage students with songs (music videos), costumes, unique décor, leveled games, and stimulating innovative strategies like blacklights and 3d. I continuously collect ideas from colleagues, trainings, book studies, online sources, and more that unleash engagement, imagination, enthusiasm, motivation, and overall fun in the classroom. I believe that a happy student is a student that learns more. I also believe that engaging a student by customizing the learning experience to meet their needs leads to a better education. I am always on the search to engage my students, and I know that this travel experience will help me even further with tapping into my students’ academic, social, behavioral, and cultural needs.
br/> Ultimately, I am participating in this travel opportunity for my students. Our school is rich with diversity. Our school’s students speak over 19 different languages and we have many bilingual (and some trilingual) students who come from a plethora of different backgrounds and countries. Some are newly emigrated from their homeland countries and are learning about American culture and how to be successful learners. The more I can learn about the world, the better equipped I am as an educator to help them for their student and adult lives. I’m looking forward to learning new ways to reach my ELL students and enhance their learning experiences. I will have experiences similar to my newly immigrated students in that I will know what it feels like to be emerged in a culture and learn about the food, religion, art, language, customs, and more. I plan to use these experiences to gain new insights, ideas, and lessons that will enrich all of my students’ knowledge of Chinese culture- and ultimately study our own cultures in the process.
Jeromie was the video production specialist of CE 2014 class. He produced many videos for his teaching activities, now at a new school in West Seattle. This 10-minute video has him, often dressed in traditional outfits, chronicle the tour experience in China (this video is mainly from the parts in the Mainland, with a few scenes from Taiwan): the busy streets, people going about their businesses, some of the great historical wonders, architecture old and new, sculpture (dragons, lions, Qilins…), kung-fu, a factory making replicas of historical artifacts.
Making Cultural Connections
Jeromie’s Lesson Plan, along with this Organizer for Culture PowerPoint deck, are about making cultural connections for his students who come from many cultural background. He believes understanding the cultural differences (about daily life, expression, and customs) not only gives students knowledge, it also helps them work with classmates from different backgrounds and better manage conflicts. Jeromie makes learning fun!