Feature Journey: Monica DeWald 2014
Monica DeWald, Seattle World School, Language Arts, Grade High School, 2014
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  • Author: Monica DeWald
  • School: Seattle World School,
  • Subject: Language Arts
  • Grade: High School
  • Trip Year: 2014
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I’m Monica DeWald, and I teach High School Language Arts and Literacy 1 at Seattle World School in the Seattle Public School District. I am so happy to be selected for this year’s CE China trip!

The school where I teach is aimed at helping new immigrants and students who want to increase their English proficiency in a multicultural setting. Our school is home to students from many backgrounds, countries and language groups. Because there are a number of Chinese students at our school, I have been working hard to get more acquainted with their language and culture. This past year, I have taken Mandarin Chinese lessons and have participated in a number of meetups and community events to try and better understand my students and their transition to American culture and schooling.

I believe that this trip to China and Taiwan will help me get a better picture of my students’ lives before SWS and will help me to better serve the multicultural population at my school and in Seattle. Additionally, during this trip, I hope to practice my Chinese, try new foods, meet new people and learn new things about China’s great history and culture.

In my life outside school, I like to do yoga, dance, go for walks, and discover new places with my friends and family
Instead of sharing her photos, Monica published a Trip Journal with embedded pictures, which are extracted below. She talked about her favorite things in each city, with representative pictures covering the scenic walks, memorable moments, and the fun meetings/dinners with students, friends, and host families in multiple locations. What do you think her aha moments are? Those are listed near the end of her journal. Read on.

Monica also produced a short video to introduce the 2104 teachers’ experience with the CE Tour.
Cultural Change in a Globaling World
Monica developed this Lesson Plan for her High School Language Arts & Social Studies class.